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Welcome photo from FEDIC,
the Italian national association and organiser

of UNICA 2023 in Comacchio

Rolf Leuenberger (CHE) UNICA President since 1.11.2021 


Benvenuti   Bienvenue   Willkomme   Bienvenido   Bine ați venit   Welkom   Vítejte na   Üdvözöljük   Välkommen   Ласкаво просимо   Добро пожаловать   მოგესალმებით   Witamy    

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BEL - Blankenberge 2005 - Rolf Leuenberger, Georg Schörner, Diana Nenandic, Dave Watterson,
Pawel Levski, Julien Loncke, Michel Creten - 7 Jury Members

A-Fieberbrunn 2013 - Daniel Caracci, Wim Aegerts, Wolfgang Allin, Reinhardt Steininger, Greta Varts, Ladislav Frantis, Bernhard Lindner &
Rolf Leuenberger - 7 Jury Members & 1 Jury Coordinator

CZ-Blansko 2018 - Martin Stoll, Tarmo Hotanen, Alfons Hereu, Thomas Schauer, Mike Whymann &

Rolf Leuenberger - 5 Jury Members & 1 Jury Coordinator

CH-Locarno 2022 -  Sandor Buglya, Jacqueline Pante, Thomas Schauer &
Tini Schuurmans - 3 Jury Members & 1 Webmaster

Our History

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21 - 27 August Locarno (CHE)

82nd Film Competition
between Nations and Congress

There was a restart in Switzerland,

after the second World War,

with the UNICA Congress in Lugano (CHE)

UNICA - Union Internationale du Cinéma

was founded
at the Paris World's Fair (FRA)

1st International Amateur Film Competition with participation from five countries


After 2019 in Zeist NLD

and a 36-month forced break

a new start in 2022 in Locarno Switzerland


2020        BIRMINGHAM (GBR) cancelled
2021         WARSZAWA (POL) cancelled
2022        KERSON (UKR) cancelled
                 LOCARNO (CHE)

2023        10.-16.9. COMACCHIO (ITA)

2023        18.-23.8 POZNAN / POSEN (POL)


CH-Lugano 1946 - The event went off brilliantly and with great camaraderie. Switzerland, Film Amateurs and especially the Lugano Club,
under the leadership of Messrs Wullschleger and Vicari, deserve our warmest thanks. E. Weissenberger (interim Secretary General)

CH-Einsiedeln 2010 - Mitze Chapovski, Odilion Dupont, Jozef Van Gompel, Jan & Dave Watterson, Jean-Claude Lejosne, Claire Auda; Zvonimir Karakatic

BUL-Ruse 2012 -Artashes Hovanessian, Wolfgang Freier, Alois Urbanek, Rolf Mandolesi, Jeanne Glass,

Georges Fondeur, Jan Essing, Thomas Kräuchi, Stanislaw Puls, Zeljko Balog, Rolf Leuenberger

D-Dortmund 2017 - Jan Essing, Jacqueline Pante, Dave Watterson, Max Hänsli, Georges Fondeur, Arie De Jong

NL-Zeist 2019 (Hilversum) - Rolf Leuenberger

CH-Locarno - S.Materna, Marcus Siebler, Viorel Ieremie, Wolfgang Allin, Thomas Kräuchi, J.Essing, Rolf Leuenberger, Andrzej Przeziecki, Tini Schuurmans

Our Films

Three example

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Video by Dieter Leitner

Video by Barnabás Tóth

Video by Thomas Speckhofer


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